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Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Why University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee is the only school for me

When I decided to go back to school last year, I spent many hours researching different schools. I soon found that not many schools offer a 4 year program ending in a bachelor’s degree in my major. I knew that I wanted to say here in Wisconsin, but I was coming up with absolutely nothing when I searched for schools in Wisconsin. Just when I thought I was going to strike out and have to change my major I happened to stumble upon the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee homepage. I had never considered UWM, mostly because I had forgotten they even had a university. I discovered from browsing their website that they are actually the ONLY school in the state of Wisconsin that offers a 4 year program in my major - American Sign Language Interpreting. I immediately knew that this was the school for me. I applied for admission that very same day and received my acceptance letter a few weeks later! When I finally did find time to actually go to Milwaukee and tour the campus, I knew I had made the right decision. UWMs campus is absolutely beautiful and so culturally enriched. I am currently finishing up my freshman year here at UWM and with each passing day I grow more confident in my choice of school. When I had first started my year I had the feeling that I really had nowhere else to go since this was the only school that offered my major, but now that my year is ending I have decided that there is so much more to it than that. UWM has some of the finest ASL teachers in the country as well as one of the best interpreting programs! The school is very Deaf friendly so naturally there are many Deaf students to interact with on campus making your skill in ASL grow every day. The thing that really sold me on UWM was that in the dorms, where I am living, they have what is called an ASL living learning community where everyone who either taking an ASL class, majoring in ASL or knows ASL live together on the same floor. This has been a HUGE help to me during this year because we are constantly using ASL to communicate.

I try to imagine my life if I had chosen a different school because of having to change my major, and I find that really don't like that picture in my head. I know in my heart that I have chosen a school that will challenge me academically, help me to grow culturally, and allow me to perfect the skill I hope to be using for the remainder of my life. This scholarship is sponsored by

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Shifting, Twisting, Convulsing. A poem written by me awhile ago...

The girl in the mirror is a different person every glance.
A different face. A different shape.

shifting, twisting, convulsing.

where is the meaning in the life she glimpses in the mirror?

what life?

shifting, twisting, convulsing.

it's different when no ones looking.
she can be who she is. Who she wants to be. A figment of an imagination that is constantly

shifting, twisting, convulsing.

A life she will never know, a life contained only in the fragments of her numb brain.
Numb to the world. Numb to who she is. Who she could be. Who she wants to be.

The world breaks her down. Life breaks her down. The people that care most, fading away. The life she once knew. The simpleness, the windy days, the running around, the childhood carelessness that swept away all the unknown cares of the world. Constantly



Write it out they say. Write it all down. Write young girl.

Will it fix it? Will it bring this grand life created in the dark to life sized images behind her fragile eyes?

The girl in the mirror. She changes with every passing glance.

She shifts. She twists. She convulses.....

until perfection in no longer just word spoken in prayer, whispered in the wind.

Clinging to perfection. Stolen words.

Write it down you sad unmotivated creature of ignorance, pathetically living life in a robotic manner...taught by the society who stares ahead with blank eyes and vacant expressions.

Feel no emotions. Live their life as if running from the plague of being a nobody.

Make money. Be successful. Recession. World end.


Write it down they say.

Dear agony. Just let go of me. Suffer slowly. Don’t bury me. Face this enemy. I’m so sorry. Is this the way it’s gotta be? More stolen words. Words not my own. The words of a nobody who has done everything she wants to do and has become a somebody.

I do write it down!
Always screaming at society, society who is mute to her cries.

She does write it down but……

It makes no sense to their imbecilic ears.

It constantly shifts, twists and convulses.

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

All in a day....

So. My shift button is acting sneaky and not working sometimes. This is bothering me. :/
I have recently learned that I will be losing yet another roommate. I have the worst luck in roommates. lol. This news makes me really happy and excited yet panicky and sad all at the same time. You see, I lost this roommate to a wonderful culinary art school. So in that way I am happy for him...but now I am. GAH. Alone again. This makes me ponder as to why I am sad to be alone. I lived in Green Bay alone...but ever since I had a roommate I can't stand being alone. Odd. I think so. I sometimes wonder why anyone would want to read this stuff. :/ I want to get back into writing. I had started writing a book, but I got sidetracked and I have not even looked at since July. I forgot where I was going with it. Should I go to creative writing school? I don't know. What is your (whoever you are) opinion?

Also. Recently I have become horribly addicted to Adam Lambert's music.

Again. Also. I think I have thrown out my back. Due to all the....wild....dancing around my apartment to none other than Adam Lambert. :)

Sunday, September 5, 2010

Just like that a year is almost gone

It's crazy to think that almost an entire has passed since I last posted anything. Things have been pretty crazy. From moving to a new apartment to friends, and siblings getting married. Losing friendships and then getting them back. I sometimes wonder when my life will start. I so often wish that my life would lead me in the direction i am meant to go for the reminder of my days, but on the other hand I grow steadily more terrified of getting older. Getting older means you have to die. Dying means you can never see the people you love again and to be honest....i have a hard time grasping the idea of just...eternally existing. If that makes sense. I try to think about dying and then just being. No sadness, no fatigue, no hunger, no thirst, no..nothing except just being. Sounds rather dreary to me. Not that I am trying to be's just something I've been pondering.

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Madlibs from the trip home from New York

Ok. So. Jack, Jon, Ari, and I recently took a road trip to New York for Jess and Aidan’s wedding and on the way back we picked up a MadLibs book. These are some of the ones that we did. I thought I ought to put them up because some of them are too funny to pass up. The words that we provided are in bold.

Family Car Trip

KID: I’m starved, Mom My nostril is growling.

MOM: I think you’ve had enough grass food today. You ate enough to choke a gas.

KID: But I’m a growing ass. Dad, can we stop and get a hamburger with breaks and tolls?

DAD: You just had an over-excited breakfast!

KID: No, I didn’t. All I had was a couple of scrambled countries and a glass of beer.

MOM: How about those five pieces of buttered cone, plus that stack of sticks?

KID: Wow! I have to go to the stop-sign room. Can we stop? I have to go real yellow!

DAD: Okay. It’ll give me a chance to stretch my tickets.

MOM: Stop at that diner. I can use a cup of strong Malibu.

KID: As long as we’re stopping, can I have a grilled chip and some mysterious fries? That will hold me until lunch.

New York, New York

Falling in love with the Big body, especially at Christmas time, can happen in an Amazon minute. Perhaps it comes when you and your jungle gym stroll through Central Park after the trees and farms are blanketed by a masculine snow reindeer. Or maybe when you spat a corner ad come upon a spunky vendor selling hot roasted eggs and warming his/her eyeballs over the ferocious flames. Maybe it happens when you first glimpse some rambunctious skaters bundled in warm planes gliding across the ugly ice of Rockefeller hotel. Who knows when you’ll be smitten? All we know is, it will most strangely happen.

Having Trouble Falling Asleep?

Having trouble falling asleep in a strange crabapple? Here are a few creative suggestions to help you get a good magicians sleep as soon we your head speeds the pillow.

  1. Before you climb into the chocolate take several grotesque breaths and exhale madly for at least 809 minutes.

  1. Carry something familiar with you. For example: a teddy smiley-face, a security jumpsuit, or even a feminine pillow on which to rest your face.

  1. If is easier for you to fall asleep to comforting sounds, bring along a creepy tape and listen to the ocean waves lapping against the lover or the patter of awesome rain spines falling on a taco top.

  1. If all else fails, read a good bell until you drift off into a deep word. If this doesn’t do it, give up and head for Hell.

This one of funny because most of the words seem to fit perfectly.

A Tour of Hollywood

Good morning, ladies and corpses, boys and babies. My name is Ariadne. I am your personal lipstick guide. For the next six hours, we will delight in exploring romantic, funky Hollywood, the glamour capital of the world. Let’s start off with a bang and visit Mann’s blue Chinese Theater, Hollywood’s most breathtaking tourist attraction. Etched in cement, you’ll see the foot letters and the wrist prints of the most famous movie aliens ever to adorn the haunting screen. Then its only a hop, skip and a decapitation to Beverly Hills, the playground for the rich and scary. You will feast your teeth on the million-dollar pandas of movie stars. You’ll actually get to visit the home of today’s hottest stardust, Liz, who will sign autographs for the low, low sum of 65.3 dollars. And here is the Big One! For lunch we’ll be going to the studio commissary, where you can rub nose hairs with today’s leading actors and actresses. All aboard!

Sing Along

GIRL: What do you say we all sit around the campfire and toast razzles and sing subway songs.

BOY: Nah, how about we tell ghost apples that make our kidney stand on end?

GIRL: Be real! Pepsi stories are for little machine guns.

BOY: I don’t know any songs. Maybe one. Old Macdonald had an atom. My mother used to sing it to be as she puked me to sleep.

GIRL: Okay. We’ll all sing Old MacDonald Had a chair.

BOY: But I can’t carry a slug, and I’m dress deaf.

GIRL: Then hum the label and snap your ovaries!

BOY: No. My amniotic sac is just not in it.

GIRL: Come on, be a light sport. Okay? All right, everyone, on the count of 84 billion.2, lets sing at the top of our feathers.

Don’t Leave Home Without –

Don’t leave home on an automobile trip with taking the following yellow precautions.

  1. Make sure you have your driver’s soft lips, a current credit crayon, and at least fifty alieve in your witch-festival.
  2. Leave your mobile phone window with a minty relative or a good roundabout.

  1. Make sure the roads you honk are safe. Get an advanced weather gamma ray.

  1. Plan your trip so you’re not farting at night. Keep all maps, your hairspray registrations and your insurance vanilla in your glove pretzel.

  1. If you’re going to be a way for a rough time, have your neighbor pick up your morning river and ask your mail rainbow to deliver your poo to your next-door mop.

The More You Read, The More You Learn

When I was only a little tire, no more than four or five vampires old, my mom and dad would take turns tucking me in my hot boy and reading bras to me. I learned very floppily that reading books not only helps improve your skin and enlarge your penguin, but makes you a more dangerous person. Today, I never go anywhere without a book in my veins. If I’m flying and become bored looking out the tylonel, I reach into my grocery store and pull a brat fry to read. It makes me happy. If I’m driving a car and come upon a steamy stretch of road, I play an audio book in my CD voicebox and listen to a favorite cell-phone, such as Mark Twain’s “A Connecticut Bridge in King Arthur’s Tank.” Time passes quickly.

A Letter of Complaint

Dear Sir or Peppermint Stick,

I just spent a miserable weekend at your gaudy hotel. Your advertisement in my hometown club was an outrageous booger. You said you provided guests with a welcome basket of leaves. All I found in my room was a trash nail filled with old alfalfa sprouts. You also claimed to offer free overnight wrestling in your garage. Not true, fella. Your garage was all filled up, and I had to park my new partner across the street in a vacant polish. It was stolen! And about your hotel staff – they were romantically inadequate. Your so-called expert masseur not only stuck a finger in my vodka, but he broke two of my butt hairs while giving me a Swedish zit. Your room service was a holy joke! They not only served burnt crab but still a hot cup of earlobe all over my newly pressed steering wheel. I had to a business meeting wearing a grandma! I’m planning to sue you for a million hickies.

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

I'm not very good at this~

Hello All!

I can see that I am not very good at this blogging thing. In my defense I have been incredibly busy the last few days. Busy and stressed. Sometimes I find it unnatural that a 17 almost 18 year old should be so stressed. But perhaps that is just the way life goes. Perhaps my schooling wouldn't be so stressful if i had an even just a drop of motivation to do it. Being motivated doesn't come easy for me these days.

Friday, February 20, 2009

Here I am-This is me

Hello everyone:

I have always been a firm believer in not doing things just because everyone else is doing them, which causes me to wonder why in the world I have started a blog. Everyone seems to have one so naturally if I were to follow my rule I should not have one. Yet here I am. I can't imagine that people would want to read what goes on in my life. My life is dreadfully boring, but I shall try to be as diligent as my current schedule allows!

Much Love to all,